Les Mills OnDemand

When Les Mills International approached Backchat Media to work collaboratively with them to create a Social Media Integration Strategy for their Les Mills OnDemand product, the Backchat team were pumped to be involved (pardon the pun).

We worked collaboratively with the Les Mills International team to thoroughly identify opportunities for Social Media integration into the product that would deliver upon the client business objectives.

Once these opportunities had been identified, the Backchat Media team pressure tested and validated them, effectively creating a series of strategic recommendations in line with the product development roadmap.

The Backchat Media team presented these concepts to the Les Mills International product team and provided a supporting white paper further detailing the recommendations and included a roll-out-plan for this integration.

  • Number of recommendations made: 16
  • Number of Body Pump classes completed: 8
  • Number of CRX and Bodypump weights bought: 3
  • Happy clients: 1

Les Mills International: Les Mills OnDemand


July, 2016