Digital Warrant of Fitness

Keeping up with the pace of change in the digital space can be overwhelming. Is your sales funnel optimised for conversions? Are you growing your social media audiences effectively? Are you utilising the most appropriate platforms for your business? Do you have a plan to exploit first mover advantage with new technologies? If not, we can help!


What is the Backchat Media Digital WOF?single (1)


Backchat Media’s Digital WOF provides an assessment for businesses to determine the true effectiveness of their online activity. We look at all of your digital assets – your website, your social media platforms, your customer’s journey and how these interact with each other. We then identify any weaknesses and make recommendations for improvement. After discussing these with you we provide your business with an action plan for implementation.

Our Digital Warrant of Fitness includes:


Website Assessment


  • Mobile and desktop user experience – Analysis of key website pages to assess the effectiveness of content, imagery, call to action buttons and user flow
  • Website conversion funnel configuration review
  • Test site load speed on mobile and desktop
  • Website landing page analysis and recommendations for paid campaigns / conversions
  • Analysis of conversion tracking functionality to insert tracking codes and record conversions
  • Third party website partners and integrations
  • Google Analytics – goals, filters (i.e. IP exclusions, self-referral exclusions) and reporting
  • On-page SEO analysis (optional)*


Social Media Assessment


  • Assessment of your social media strategy. Is this delivering to your objectives and generating a return on investment for your business?
  • Social media content review. Is this engaging your audience?


Digital Advertising Assessment


  • Assessment of your digital advertising plan including campaign objectives, ad formats, audience, targeting options, platforms and budgets.
  • Content and audience analysis. Is the content relevant to the target market?
  • AdWords review- is your adwords campaign performing to its full potential?
  • Review of campaign benchmarks and KPIs


What do you get when your business undergoes a Digital WOF?


First, you’ll meet with a member of the Backchat Media team who will take a reverse brief from you about the challenges your business is facing. We will ask for administration rights across your social media and digital assets incl. Google Analytics. If you are using an agency to run and manage your digital marketing, then we will ask to see any recent reporting you have available.


Then the Backchat Media team will get to work on completing your Digital WOF. Usually, the process takes between 14-21 business days.


Finally, the Backchat Media team will prepare a comprehensive recommendation for you across your digital portfolio. Your Backchat Media contact will talk you through the findings of the WOF and then make a series of recommendations to improve your online performance. Some of these will be quick fixes, others may take slightly longer but will be worth it!


At the end of the process, you’ll have a clear understanding of how your digital assets are performing for you and a plan to maximize their performance.


How much do you charge for the Digital WOF?


To work with individual specialists to review each area of your digital strategy can cost a bomb, with digital consultants pricing themselves anywhere from $180-$600 per hour.


At Backchat Media, we have a team of in-house specialists and support who can approach your Digital WOF quickly and effectively to make sure you get the most relevant advice for your business.


Our Digital WOF service is a one-off investment of $2,309 + GST.

*If you choose to add on-page SEO to your WOF, then there is an additional $500 + GST investment.

What do I do next?

To schedule a non-obligation 15 minute Skype chat with a member of the Backchat Media team, please fill in the form below and one of our specialists will be in touch.



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