Backchat Media is a network of experienced Digital consultants.

We help our clients increase their visibility and acquire new customers online.


We do this through Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Influencer Collaboration and Digital Advertising.


We have years of experience working with large digital budgets, we understand the algorithms and it’s our full time job to stay ahead of the trends in Digital and Social Media.


What this means for your business, is that we use our experience to know how much is too much to spend, we deliver engaging content into the newsfeeds of the people you want to talk to and we ensure every campaign has a return on investment.


The result of this is that your business has an increased chance of meeting your campaign and business objectives.


Backchat Media was founded in New Zealand by Mel Pedersen in 2014, the Australian office opened in 2015, and the company continues to work on clients across Australasia.


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